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About Us

I began this effort in 1981 with the goal of providing the most accurate and enjoyable source of information based on the annual National Football League Draft. Based on experience, outstanding results, and feedback from customers around the world - I believe the Stevenson's Scouting Service publications are the most comprehensive and enjoyable NFL Draft products available to the general public!

Stevenson's Scouting Service does not claim to be "league insiders", but prefer to be known simply as what it is ... an independent scouting organization that provides information and experience-based opinions on the annual NFL Draft. The service began in the midwest, is currently based out of Wood Ranch California. It obtains its information from various nationwide sources.

It is our goal to provide our customers with the most detailed, comprehensive, and accurate information available.  Every effort is also made to provide frequent updates to this web site to keep this information service as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Since coming online in 1998, this site quickly became one of the most popular and active web sites of its kind.

Stevenson's Scouting Service provided Street and Smith's magazine with several draft articles including DRAFT REVIEWS from 2002-2007 and DRAFT PREVIEWS from 2005-2007.

Street & Smith's draft guru 2002-2007

The content of our publications is based primarily on countless hours of game tape review, but also includes information obtained at games and practices as well as from regional scouts, college athletics departments, press releases, coaches, player agents, draft prospects, and respected voluntary contributors.  Our draft projections are based primarily on prospect ratings and team needs, but do take into account team drafting history, recent trends, and information obtained in our daily communications with contacts across the country.

Compare our publications with the draft guides published by Mel Kiper, Pro Football Weekly, or even Ourlads and you are sure to find significant differences.  We start the draft season with the 125-150 page PRE-SEASON DRAFT NOTEBOOK.  In late-March, we publish the 200-210 page DRAFT NOTEBOOK.  Following the draft, our 65-70 page DRAFT REVIEW is mailed in late-May.  Our customers receive full-size 8-1/2" x 11" draft guides in a very easy to read format that include:

college helmet graphics for quick identification,
clear and concise notes (we do not bother publishing lists without providing detailed information on each and every prospect),
easy-to-read prospect statistic tables,
scouting reports that list the traits that accurately describe each prospect,
complete NFL team rosters and depth charts including detailed player information,
five-year team drafting history,
traded draft choices,
alphabetical and school prospect indexes,
protective plastic covers,
and plastic comb binding so the guide can be opened and stay open to your specific page of interest.

Give us a try and compare for yourself.  I am confident you will become another of our many loyal and valued customers!

One of the most common questions has been regarding the source of the helmet graphics being used.  For these outstanding images, we extend a special THANK YOU to Charles Arey of The Helmet Project for his permission for our use.

Since our primary goal is to focus on providing you with information regarding the annual NFL Draft, we have chosen to stay away from becoming another of the many general football news/rumor providers.  For league information, we recommend ESPN.com and NFL.com.  For the latest college player news, we recommend CollegeFootballNews.com.

We consider it a compliment to see the large number of 'draftnik web sites' each season that have copied our helmet graphics layout.  Links are welcomed and encouraged, but please understand all information is Copyright © Stevenson's Scouting Service.

Thanks again to all of you for your tremendous interest and support in this effort!